SimaPro : THE software for LCA

The tool of choice for detailed measuring of the impacts of your products and services
SimaPro, leading LCA software, can help you quantify your ecodesign actions and sustainability objectives. With this information you can support your decisions to improve the life cycle of your products, reduce the impacts of your company or evaluate your procurement.

SimaPro has all of the functions you would expect from a professional LCA tool. Depending on your chosen license you can have access to analysis tools more or less advanced.

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SimaPro is supplied with a large number of LCI databases, including ecoinvent v3, Agri-footprint, ELCD, . . . and of course you can also create or import individual datasets.

SimaPro contains numerous impact evaluation methods (click on "Show methods") such as CML-IA, EDIP 2003, ILCD 2011, ReCiPe, IPCC 2013, USEtox and Water footprint, methods which can be combined.

EVEA can teach you how to use SimaPro to perform LCAs. Discover our complete range of training with or without prerequisite as well as our online sessions.

Here you can find information regarding support, user guides and SimaPro updates: support centre, webinars, french discussion forum, SimaPro Tips, LCA discussion list...

EVEA has developped specialised software which can be interlinked with SimaPro via ComInterface.

Also: Ev-DEC for creating FDESs and EPDs, e-DEA for a "Project mode" approach.

EVEA is one of the primary partners in the SimaPro distributor network, an international community of LCA professionals governed by PRé consultants.

Many organisations struggle to find a way to measure their sustainable development actions, to integrate these actions into their everyday work and to benefit from their environmental initiatives by gaining an advantage in the marketplace. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is recognised as the primary method to assess the sustainability of products, because it covers a wide range of environmental questions and provides an in-depth knowledge of the impacts, from cradle to grave.

SimaPro is the tool of choice which you need to collect, analyse and manage the environmental performance data of your products and services. The software has numerous applications; including carbon and water footprinting, product design, creation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and the selection of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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