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Since 2005 we have accompanied, trained and equipped clients of all sizes and sectors with the tools and knowledge they require.

Consulting - recognised experts in ecodesign and Life Cycle Analysis, a vocation for accompaniment and transferal of skills.

Training - around 300 professionals trained per year. See our training catalogue.

Software - hundreds of users now employ our software for ecodesiging and performing LCAs: companies, technical centers, consultancy and design offices, schools and universities.


Client testimonials: 

The innovation was driven by a "life-cycle" approach. The results: -24% in terms of environmental impact, -20% in terms of plastic and cardboard quantities, 10 times less kilometers travelled by the product, now that the production site is closer to the consumption.

Given the benefits, this method has already been applied to future projects. We would like every innovative product to use this method, so as to reduce Dorel's environmental impacts.

Baptiste Durand, Dorel France. Business & Environnement Prize 2012 for the range of ecodesigned  baby bottles Natural Comfort. Accompanied by EVEA


The advantage of EVEA is that we still have the same serious science, coupled with strategies in communication, marketing position, accompaniment in improvement, networking with different players which allows us to build business relationships. It is these systematic capabilities which ease and fluidify the flow.

Romain Ferrari, Managing Director, Serge Ferrari.

Below: Report on the history of the ecodesign process in the Serge Ferrari group, narrated by Romain Ferrari, Managing Director (in French)







We are very happy with the help provided by EVEA on this innovation project, for which we will be publishing the results in 2014. EVEA was responsible for managing the project, helping each player identify the levers to reduce economic and environmental costs, whilst respecting our deadlines. From the initial specification to the identification of services, EVEA has united marketing, purchasing and innovative methods in a sustainable and collaborative approach.



The work carried out in collaboration with EVEA on the Dyson Airblade™ hand-dryer has allowed us to go beyond the notion of environmental impact and to consider the economic and social aspects of the performance of our machine.



Thanks to e-DEA, Herplast can calculate their own environmental footprints for their injected packaging and measure their progress by continual optimisation of their production and logistic processes.
The Herplast Development team
e-DEA allos us to easily and definitively integrate ecodesign into our R&D, at the heart of the development process for new products.
It's a simple tool and usable by anyone.
Frédéric DROIN, VP R&D-Water, ITRON
LCA is now an indispensable tool in numerous aspects of our activities: from product design to sales, e-DEA allows us to provide reliable information to confirm our choices.
Aude Charbonneaux, Sustainability & Product stewardship manager, Albéa
With e-DEA, we can measure the environmental performance of over 80% of our products. We also use this tool to respond to the environmental demands of our clients.
Christine Debois, Director of Sustainable Development - BIC Group
Testimonials from users of SSD (Sustainable Ship Design), a LCA tool for ships, developped by EVEA in collaboration with large players in the naval sector:

After 15 very productive months of work, it's clear that the SSD project has been a constructive and enriching experience for the DCNS group. To be able to evaluate a ship's environmental impact throughout the whole of its life cycle with a specialized tool is essential for the company and is completely coherent with our environmental program; previously, there was no equivalent alternative tool on the market.

Within the Naval Defense Engineering sector of the DCNS group, this project allowed us to train our employees in environmental analysis with the help of an impact evaluation program called SimaPro as well as the SSD tool. The studies carried out during the project helped the company enlarge its naval environmental database and develop its ecodesign procedures.

This collaborative project demonstrates the willingness of DCNS to innovate and our ability to react efficiently when confronted with an imperative which is becoming increasingly urgent: the environment.

Brest, 28/10/2009
Catherine BONNARD, Ecodesign Manager and Project Manager ISO 14001
Léonie ROLLAND, Study/Testing Manager – Environmental Analysis


STX France
The SSD project allows us to evaluate the environmental impact of our ships throughout their life-cycle. Development of the tool will allow a macroscopic comparison between ships, especially their sub-systems. The aim of this is to make technological choices based not only on technical and energetic performance or economic criteria but also taking into account the environmental impact, using numerical data.

Saint-Nazaire, 9/10/2009
Erick Pèlerin, Program Manager - Ecorizon®

STX France Solutions
This project has been an opportunity for us to familiarise ourselves with a tool which was previously unknown to us. The project's approach allowed us to understand the importance in our sector, whilst supplying us with the means to perform LCAs (Lifecycle Analyses) in any domain. These results should be credited to the principle sub-contractors SDI and EVEA.

Saint-Nazaire, 24/09/2009
Pascal Locuratolo, QHSE Manager, STX France Solutions


The interviews with Jérémie Piolet d'Oxylane, Anaël Le Goff of Bel'M and Benjamin Garcia from the Group La Poste about their vision for environmental labelling and their ecodesign procedures in general (in French):